First Look: The Vanishing Deep

The Vanishing Deep by Astrid Scholte

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Thank you so much to Penguin Teen for providing a First Look to Astrid Scholte’s The Vanishing Deep through Bookishfirst

The Vanishing Deep is about a world, after a catastrophe that led to most of the continents underwater, that fights to survive with technology and 15,000 islands. There is a technology that is able to resurrect the dead for 24 hours but for a heavy sum, and Tempe will do anything to resurrect her older sister Elysea to get the answers why their parents died.

I didn’t want to resurrect my sister because I loved her. – Tempe

A quote from an unproofed preview of The Vanishing Deep

The writing is magnificent, not too much and not too bland. It perfectly lays out the details of the setting, the background of the characters, and the world-building. It doesn’t become suffocating and already gives you a blow at the first read. It is fast paced, and each chapter leaves you with questions and the curiosity to read the next chapter.

Necromancy is not a new idea, but The Vanishing Deep mixes it with an interesting world (and one, I admit, could become a possibility for our own reality if we do not take care of our environment). The new approach of the concept becomes interesting, especially with the past of our characters that are woven on the main plot of the book. I would really love to read the book when it comes out.

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