Camp Lenape

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Author: Timothy R. Baldwin

Published: May 6, 2019

Series: #1 of A Kahale and Claude Mystery



Thank you so much to BooksGoSocial for giving me an ARC of Camp Lenape by Timothy R. Baldwin via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

What if a simple detective game turns real and becomes a game of life and death? After Marcus’s sister disappears, he and his friends starts questioning everything they know about their summer camp, Camp Lenape.

Camp Lenape is a novella, a short-read of three hours or less. The story is fast paced and told through the strong voices of Marcus and Alissa. The story, however, is too predictable for my taste. But since this novella is just the first of a series, I’d be still interested to check the second book, just to quench my curiosity.

I’d recommend this to middle school kids, it’s mystery and not that much gore. As well as to those who enjoy a light read of a mystery and thriller.

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