Finding Famous

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Author: Alexis Anicque

Published: November 5, 2019

Series: N/A



Thank you so much to BooksGoSocial for giving me an ARC of Finding Famous by Alexis Anicque via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

She is Famous. Yes, her name is Famous, and she drinks coffee every single day. It got me thinking if that was still healthy. But drinking coffee (or two at times) does help her get on with her journey. Famous’s mother has set an adventure for her to take. After 7 years of putting it off, she finally decides to take on the adventure that would forever change her life.


Finding Famous is a heartwarming story, and a short read. Famous is an introvert, has a stable job, a good place to live. It was a cycle and she was okay with it. But she broke that by taking a spontaneous adventure, traveling up north and to Europe. Her adventures reminded me of my dreams of traveling and how spontaneity can also be a good thing despite not knowing what the future holds you. One can either drown in overthinking of the future, or enjoy the present.

Another thing I loved about this novel was how Famous was so kind, though still being wary, like a usual traveller, to everyone she met. And how everyone she met showed kindness that we all hope we can come across in our own adventures. Oh and food. And coffee. It made me start drinking coffee again.

But here’s why I gave it two stars. The writing is a bit… eh. Famous is likely around 28 but has a voice of a middle schooler. Actually, the book sounds like it was made by a highschooler in a rush or meant for middle school (though there are words here and there that are definitely not for middle school). I don’t know if it’s the ARC but there are lots of hanging sentences. Messy POV. One paragraph we see Famous’s thoughts, the next paragraph it shifts to another character that she just met.

The novel is also too detailed and not too detailed. By what I mean too detailed, it literally talks about every step she had done since she woke up, her breakfast, lunch, dinner—fillers. And there is always coffee in every chapter. And by not too detailed, I meant the actions she made, the lore of her origin, the action. It seemed so rush. This novel was more tell than show.

Another thing I disliked is how the characters are so lifeless. Besides Famous and her interaction with her mother, which I loved, and maybe Jeremiah too, but the others have no connection to the reader. Their voices repeat despite being different people. There is no distinction between them. Daniel’s role was a bit eh. He was predictable. Actually I already predicted it half way through the book. And his banter with Famous was cringey.


The theme and premise of the book is actually interesting and it was what kept me going to read the whole book. The pace was a bit slow but can be handled. The execution lacked spiciness. The characters lacked connection and did not establish what they were for or their intentions. The theme was well done, and delivered through Famous’s mother. I wish the book answered all the questions, despite having already too many plot holes. If done correctly, especially setting clear of the worldbuilding and lore, the characters and showing more instead of tell, I think this book could work.

If you like a short read and something similar to a storybook aimed for middle school, then you’d like this. If you like a heartwarming story of a daughter and a mother sprinkled with fantasy, you’d like this. Otherwise, I would not recommend it at all.

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