The Daughter Claus

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Author: D. Thrush

Published: November 20, 2013

Series: #1 of Santina Series


Thank you to the author, D. Thrush, for providing an ARC of her novel The Daughter Claus via Goodread’s Making Connections.

Santina Claus is the firstborn child of Santa Claus. You know, the one who says “Ho ho ho” during Christmas? The guy in the red suit with long beard? Well guess what, he has a toy company and two children.

The Daughter Claus is about Santina “Tina” Claus, a business major, who tries to get away from her family and their legacy and have her own life. Unfortunately, when her brother refuses to follow the footsteps of their father decided to retire, Tina is left to handle the season’s Christmas giving.

The Daughter Claus is a story of a fractured family beneath the happiness they give every Christmas to children all around the world. A battle against constant change and gender prejudice, The Daughter Claus is told in different point of views to show us that there are always reasons and sacrifices behind one’s actions. Although we may be affected negatively, one must be understanding and accept the changes all around us. This was a short read, perfect for the Christmas season. I would recommend it to pre-teens and above.

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