Of Silver and Shadow

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Author: Jennifer Gruenke

Publish Date: May 2020

Series: N/A


Thank you so much to Flux for giving me an ARC of Of Silver and Shadow by Jennifer Gruenke via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Seven hundred gold pieces.

Was Ren Kolins’ mantra. An orphan, she lived a life of thievery and pit fights until two brothers dragged her into the middle of a revolution in exchange for gold. Ren has magic, and an illegal one at that. She finds herself repeating her mantra as she is dragged into a revolution where every side either wants to kill or use her (which can get her killed) for their own benefit.

Of Silver and Shadow is perfect for fans of the Red Queen series. Told on the point of views of Ren, Darek, Kellen, and Adley, each person in different status of life, and seen as an enemy of one another, we see what happens in the world built by Gruenke and the contrast of how the views of an organization or the deeds of the people around us do not define us.

The novel was slow for my taste at the beginning, as it tried to build its foundations. However, when it had, it became fast paced like a rollercoaster ascending a sharp angle. Every chapter was packed with action, and when the action softened into a murmur, you’re stabbed in a surprise, as if to say “Nah not yet”. Twist and turns, and one that you didn’t even expect.

The characters are well defined and established, their chemistry with each other is outstanding. Ren is all about self-preservation, she’s selfish, a dormant volcano, and always has a snappy retort in hand. She may show indifference to everyone but is actually a softie inside. Darek is tall, hot brooding man, determined to finish the mission of his parents at any cost. His and Ren’s banter is one of my favorites of the book. Every scene of them just screams sexual tension, and whether it was told on Ren or Darek’s point of view, I can’t just help scream “Get on with it!”. I would honestly read an erotica book about them.

Darek enjoyed the physical, but he needed more than a night. Not the promise of forever, but not temporary either.

Adley is a King’s Child, a ruthless army of the crown, and one of the best. But despite her ruthless upbringing and ways of getting questions out of people, she has a warm, kind heart rare on her comrades. She has a fascination to read books, she often battles her guilt on what she had done, but she has a determination to get out of the castle, even if it would take killing a million people. And lastly, we have Kellen with his easy going personality. He is seen as the dumb prince, a spare, seen as the black sheep of the family. He is ignored and often underestimated due to his difference from the rest of his family. As a result, Kellen often sneaked out of the castle and pretended to be someone else.

He’d [Kellen] been trying for so long, swapping personas and hoping one day something would fit him right.

Of Silver and Shadow ended on a cliffhanger, and it kind of disappointed me. I wanted more. The build up was so good and I craved more. I hope we will get to see a sequel, although I am fine with this book being a standalone, I want more to the ending! Besides that, I didn’t expect to fall in love with this book but I did. The writing, the plot and the course of events, the characters, and the world Gruenke built were wonderfully made. I recommend it to anyone who loves the likes of The Mortal Instruments, Red Queen, and Divergent.

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