Writing Prompt #2: Sea of Green

Taken from Pinterest

Sea of Green

Green stretched endlessly. I would look upon them every afternoon, when the sun has finally hid behind our little cottage. My sea of emerald green, they never fail to take my breath away. I never yearned for the beaches my friends often talk about: the sapphire blue waves, or the tourmaline gems it hides, and the dashing warm snow of yellow and white. No, I prefer much my sea of emerald that turns into jade when the sun shines upon them every morning.

But they are not always green, my emerald sea. There are times it unveils pearls, sometimes rubies too, folded upon itself, its smooth shells easily relents to a warm touch. Sometimes elongated brown creatures would rise from the sea, their short yellow arms often waving in the breeze, and seem to brighten underneath the sun’s greeting.

And, the snow of green that brings relief to me, that easily rests underneath my feet. Not as tiny as snow nor sand, but brings laughter and smiles all the same. As we lay upon it, at the end of the day.

Oh, my emerald paradise, I would never wish for anything else.

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