#OurSeason: Dear March

Dear March,

Ah, my dearest. You’ve arrived at the finish line, at last. It is the end, and is time for you to pass the baton. The third month, the month where we stretch our limbs, become at ease, as we finally fit ourselves to the embrace of the new year– the year of our Lord, 2020.

But my dearest March, you’ve done opposite. You’ve pulled our limbs, and made us uncomfortable. I expected this month to be busy, but not this busy. I expected this month to be eventful but not this kind of event.

I had my hopes up, my dear. Unfortunately, you broke them. This month would have been filled with precious memories that I will forever be grateful for, thankful for, will forever not forget. That is true, but it brought memories I wish had never happened, I wish I could forget. Memories that I would do anything to turn back time and change the past.

But my dear, what is done is done. You’ve been a road full of bumps. Gave us quite a scare. I hope it never happens again. And as you wave goodbye, I pray that as we meet again on the next years, hopefully, you will become the sweetest, unforgetful March as I have always known you.

‘Til then, my dear.

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