Rate: DNF
Author: Katey Taylor
Published Date: February 26, 2020


Thank you to Smith Publicity for giving me a copy of Katey Taylor’s Inebriated in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley.

I stopped reading at chapter four because I couldn’t handle the dumbness of the narrator. Every chapter left me frustrated and disgusted.

Caitlyn drinks in every chapter, more than a seventeen year old would. Well, I’m not from America and I’m not sure if it’s due to how I was brought up. What lead me to put down this book was: Cait’s double standards, and Adrien objectifying Cait.

Before Cait makes out with Adrien, she narrates how Keith, who is now her best friend Allie’s boyfriend, almost rapes her. She further says,

“Lucky for me, he stayed quiet about what had happened…”

which should not a freshman student (what, 15? 16?) say after she almost gets rape. That’s not her being lucky! He wouldn’t dare say anything about it because he knows fully well his image would be destroyed.

On the next chapter, she meets her idol Adrien Cross. Adrien keeps calling her ‘doll’. Besides sounding like a complete pedo (which he is but then Cait lied with her age), he sounds like he is objectifying her! Seventeen year old Cait doesn’t mind though and agrees to go to his apartment despite meeting him only for a couple of hours. Adrien make moves while they are riding a cab, similar to what happened to Cait with Keith but Cait doesn’t complain.

“He kisses me, and I think I may have just fallen in love.”

What the fuck.

Cait is completely intoxicated and Adrien lets her drink more and takes advantage of her. She’s not in her right state of mind. She didn’t say or no, yet Adrien takes her silence as yes. He rapes her yet she says at the end of the chapter:

“I can now say I’ve officially lost my virginity to Adrien Cross.”

She can barely see him that night! The next morning, Adrien is nowhere to be found and has left her a note and money to pay for her cab. She looks like she’s a prostitute! Even she admits the note is cold but she later says:

“I know I’m lucky to say Adrien Cross took my virginity…”

But a few paragraphs after that she comments, “Which is only more disturbing to me.” About Allie and Keith having sex. And while I’m not justifying or defending Keith, at least Allie and Keith are having sex after getting to know each other and in a relationship (although rather toxic and illegal) instead of meeting a guy you barely know!

Are there still seventeen year olds like these kids? Drinking and illegally getting into clubs sure, I can put up with that. But having sex and having relationships with those older than them? With a mindset such as Cait’s? Yeah no. She obviously knows what rape is. She also knows what a toxic relationship is but what happened to her with Keith and Adrien is basically the same except Adrien was successful and paid her. She’s basically whoring herself to Adrien but is falling in love with him? And thinks highly of herself because she lost her virginity to Adrien? Who never asked her for consent, in the first place!

Is it because I’m too old to read things like these? I don’t know. But this shouldn’t be read by young adults or anyone at all. It gives them an unhealthy picture of what a relationship should be. Everything here is an ingredient of a toxic relationship. I’m not sure where this book will lead, the usual boyband x fangirl or where Caitlyn get some sense. I hope the latter but I’m not interested to read anymore. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone at all.

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  1. yikes! Sounded like a good story- sorry to hear that you were disappointed. I relate to you though because I come across so many stories like this one where I too wonder if I am too old to read this kind of stuff. Who knowssss

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