Sisters of a Perilous Heart

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Author: Sandra L. Vasher
Published Date: May 5, 2020
Series: #1 of Mortal Inheritance


How do you stay so joyful when you’re so irritated with the world in so many ways?

Anna Dupree to Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Dupree

Thank you so much to Mortal Ink Press, LLC for giving me a copy of Sandra L. Vasher’s Sisters of a Perilous Heart in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley.

Queen Vivian is queen for almost five weeks. Carina is an orphan who knows nothing.

Told in the perspectives of a dying queen and an orphan, Sisters of the Perilous Heart gives you a mix of sci-fi and fantasy sprinkled with the things we do for our family to survive.

This was such a good read although the end made me feel at loss and empty, in a good way. I have never read anything sci-fi-fantasy like this. It’s predictable but at the same time it’s not. It makes you question every piece of information given to you. It makes you crave more. Instead of focusing on a newly crowned queen balancing her life of queenly duties, and orphan sisters trying to find out their past, the story instead focuses on their journey to seek their goals: a cure and safety. Neither of which they get in the end.

What bothered me though are the voices of Bast and Nate. They are fifteen and sixteen, respectively, but their voices doesn’t match their ages. Especially Bast, who seemed far mature than a fifteen year old. One might argue that this could be due to how they were brought up as Princes but I don’t think so. Bast sounds like in his 20s, Nate around 18 or so.

Besides that, I really have no problem with the book. The lore in this world is complicated but can be followed. It’s vibrant and in depth. I love how we also get chapters about the documents and laws the characters have and tlak about. Since this seems to be a series, I’d love to read more especially on the politics. Who assassinated Vivian? Who are the traitors? What’s in store for the Garcia sisters? Who will reign South Kepler? There are so many questions left unanswered and I’ll be looking forward to the next book!

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