The Becoming of Noah Shaw

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Author: Michelle Hodkins
Published Date: November 7, 2017
Series: #1 of The Shaw Confessions


“Who are you?”
“Call me Mara,” she says, adding that fully grown smile. “Everyone else does.”

Noah Shaw and Mara Dyer

I have read the Mara Dyer trilogy years ago. More than five years I think? I consumed them in less than a week. When I’m asked what’s my favorite book. I’d say that trilogy would be my top. I mean, do people really have a favorite book instead of a favorite series or trilogy? I’m the latter. Funny though, I don’t remember anything from the Mara Dyer trilogy except it was a clusterfuck with Mara Dyer having the ability to kill everyone, and her name is only a pseudonym . Everything is an elaborate scheme made by someone years ago, even before everyone is born. The only thing I vividly remember from that trilogy is Mara’s grandmother in Calcutta.

Did Mara just mindfuck me? Who knows. I know I always remember no matter how long it has been since I’ve read a book in a series. Except that series.

When I read this book, I can barely connect at first but I slipped right into it after a couple of chapters. Noah is hard to resist. I missed Jaime as well. And, I love Mara no longer afraid of herself and her abilities. If the Mara Dyer trilogy was a clusterfuck, this book is a clusterfuck in another level. Is there a name for that? Maybe Noah would have a term for that. Clusterfuck in a good sense. And boy, did this book awaken my love for Michelle Hodkin’s writing and the world of Mara Dyer and Noah Shaw.

As the name suggests, this is written in the point of view of Noah Shaw. His voice is what I had imagined (as far as I can remember) when reading Mara Dyer. His love and obsession with Mara, his sexy intelligent voice that was far from an 18 year old but I guess it’s understandable given the things he has been through. His pain is so much louder in here as well, instead of the foreboding sexiness and wildness just looming over Mara in the darkness in the first trilogy. Mara in this book, though, is so far different from the girl we knew but then again, she’s gone through shit. As Noah said, she’s been through a lot of trauma. I think the reading experience would have been much more amazing if this was read after the Mara Dyer trilogy but that’s my problem.

I have nothing negative to say this book. Action, mindfucking in the context of their Gifts, mindfucking in the sexual context, the lust and thirst between Noah and Mara, the comedy, Hodkin’s amazing dialogue magic, the banter among the characters, and the heartache—it was all bliss. As much as I’m itching to read the next book, I just saw the last book wouldn’t be out until 2022 (though I read it’s a placeholder? I don’t know). Anyway, I’d likely read the next book after the Noah Shaw Confessions is all published. I guess it will bring me (more than) enough time to reread the Mara Dyer trilogy (I consume them like how Noah consumes Mara, teehee). But can you blame me if I’m itching to instantly jump to Noah Shaw’s Confessions?

Maybe I can reread the Mara Dyer trilogy and post my reviews (or musings) here.

I will always recommend everyone to read the Mara Dyer series and this book, especially if you’re looking for a mindblowing and mindfucking story. These books can literally be inhaled.

TRIGGER WARNING FOR SUICIDE, HOMICIDE, assault with a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly mind, harm to others, harm to self, disordered eating, disordered thinking, disordered feeling, disordered being, body shaming, victim shaming, shaming of every kind, dark humor, ill humor, shitty humor, maiming, miming, death of teenagers, death of adults, death of authority figures, death of inconsequential red shirts. Also sex. But if you need a trigger warning for that, you’re reading the wrong book

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  1. This sounds like a great read! I never read anything from Michelle Hodkin but always heard good things about this trilogy! Will add it to my TBR, thanks for sharing x


    1. Hi! Thank you for reading my review as well! Michelle Hodkin’s books are amazing! It will keep you up at night (of course, reading it, and just thinking after reading the whole thing haha!) Before you read the Noah Shaw Confessions though, you need to read the Mara Dyer trilogy as it’s both connected. Hope you enjoy it!


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