I lay in the dark,
Wide awake, wide awake.
Bedroom dark,
A faint glow
But I see no hand–
Nothing of myself.

I lay in the dark,
I float, float, float,
Swirling ideas everywhere.
Nowhere here or there
But ideas are floating, floating…

I try to catch, grip, hold,
They pass through my fingers,
They slip away, dancing in the edges
Snippets, Parts
Words, phrases,
Never to be formed.

I lay in the dark
No paper or pen 
Nothing to record these ideas
No trace of these ideas-
I feel helpless, helpless-
They vanish when the sun rises

I lay in the dark,
Hopeless, Hopeless,
I will not remember
These swirling ideas
Like vanished dreams;
Forgotten memory.

I lay in the dark,
Try to memorize each word,
Each phrase, each snippet
Of ideas, ideas, ideas.
I whisper them in between my lips
I sing them in my head,
I write them in the air,
Perhaps I will remember them
When I awake, wake…

I lay in the dark
It’s 2:30am
Will I ever write these words
Or a mere residue of these ideas?
No trace, no trace,
Nothing. Forgotten.

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