Four Seasons

The voice that inspires me to write and the song that became the inspiration of this blog.

I live in a country with two seasons: wet and dry. So, why would I name a blog called Four Seasons? I have never seen Spring or Fall or Winter. I’ve never even seen and touched snow in my entire life. This book is about books and writing, why would I name it Four Seasons? What would it have to do with anything with that?

Four Seasons came from a favorite Korean song of mine of the same name sung by an artist named Taeyeon. It talked about the changing seasons and how their love changed with every season. It reminded me of my relationship to writing and reading.

Over the past few years I have read and written on and off. Usually, I notice, during Winter and Spring, and rarely, Fall. Never Summer. In each change of the season, I change. What I do changes. I have never been consistent with anything in my life. Perhaps except academics but that is because I’m forced to. 

I try to be consistent. I do. But there are just times your dedication to do something just ebbs away. And, for me, it eventually comes back within the year. Unfortunately, those ‘times’ are every year. I really hope I do become consistent though but how? How do I stop myself from becoming too uninterested. Or, is it because I have too many hobbies? I don’t know. I don’t know why myself is doing this.

Four Seasons–it’s a drink, it’s a song, it’s a weather. To me, it’s a safe haven where I can talk about books, I can write whatever I want, I can talk whatever I want. 

I hope it also becomes your safe haven too.

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