RECAP: Sisters of A Perilous Heart #1 of The Mortal Inheritance

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This will serve as a recap for the Book 1 of The Mortal Inheritance series. There will be spoilers below. Please read with caution if you have not finished the book.

Sisters of a Perilous Heart Book 1 of The Mortal Inheritance by Sandra L. Vasher 

  • The book starts in Vivian’s royal coronation. She is assassinated by a poisoned arrow piercing her heart. She is assisted by her brothers Nate and Bast to escape the scene. 
  • Vivian is growing weaker. Bast sends Vivian’s blood to different hospitals and research universities all over their kingdom to find a cure. They travel to meet their mother.
  • Vivian talks to her mother and she finds out there is no cure, either she dies or she becomes an Immortal and loses all her power. The latter is no option to her so her mother gives her cyanide to kill herself: giving her the opportunity to choose when she wants to die instead of her ailing body killing herself.
  • Bast and Nate transfer their power to Vivian to make her alive. Bast still has his hopes up that they can find a cure.
  • Carina and her sister Michaela live in Novi Dupree where sisters who make sassafras, a kind of drink, live.
  • Carina wants to drink sassafras. She sees a bottle across a lake. Defying the instructions of the sisters, she uses her magic to float the bottle across the lake but she fails and falls to the lake.
  • Carina wakes up and gets some scratches. She goes back to the lake and meets Max. They snuck into the sister’s storage and she lets Max eat and drink.
  • They are found by the sisters. Max is given instructions to go to a group of Monks to continue his journey to find his uncle. Max leaves.
  • Novi Dupree is attacked by Immortals. Carina and Michaela are forced to leave. 
  • Carina and Michaela find Max and they journey together. They ride a van to go to the Mountain of Peril in their journey to find The Guru.
  • The three work in a pub along with Anthony, a friend they made during their ride in the van. Anthony then sells Carina to Immortals. Carina is abducted.
  • Vivian, Bast and Nate have decided to go to the Mountain of Peril and find The Guru. They, but Bast especially, think The Guru can give them cure as Bast realized there will be no cure from the hospitals and universities they approached.
  • The three met Immortals that were against South Kepler’s Royal family (aka them). These Immortals attack them. These are the same people that abducted Carina. Vivian sees Carina escape during the melee.
  • Sometime here, Vivian and her guard fell in love with each other. Bast also discovered Vivian’s cyanide and throws it.
  • Carina finds Michaela and Max and they resume their journey. Max helps Carina train so she can use her skills better.
  • Bast and Nate spy on Carina. They think Carina’s power can help Vivian survive. They were getting weaker as Bast and Nate kept transferring their energy to Vivian.
  • Carina is abducted by Bast and Nate. They try to persuade her to help them but refuses. Carina escapes. 
  • They meet again in this preserved historical site. Carina and Michaela argue and Michaela leaves. Carina is attacked by Bast and Nate and finds out Max is an immortal (but another kind, which explains his eyes not turning red). She is brokenhearted. 
  • Carina escapes and is helped by Sister Agda. 
  • Carina and Vivian’s entourage both arrive at The Mountain of Peril. The Guru is not true and is actually the human immortal we see in the prologue. He is the uncle of Max and he has no cure for Vivian. Carina finds Michaela and Max.
  • The Immortals against Southern Kepler reaches them and there is a battle that ensues. Vivian dies as she tries to save everyone. Michaela is weakened as she bursts into fire. She was the one that caused their family to die. Carina and Michaela are actually the royal family of Northern Kepler.
  • Nate, the next in line, decides to leave with Franklin, his uncle.

End of Book 1

I apologize for any inaccuracies and if I left out some parts. Please let me know if I did. I wrote this weeks after I read the book.

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