The Plan: A Sweet and Sexy Rock Star Romantic Comedy

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Author: Whitney Dineen
Published: March 10, 2020
Series: The Creek Water Series #3


Thank you so much to Xpresso Book Tours for providing an advance reading copy of her book The Plan in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley.

This book can be read as a standalone which I did but there are references that you might not recognize if you didn’t read the two previous books.

I was prepared to hate this book. The premise was definitely a fangirl x hot rockstar. I thought this would be another brew of teenage girl and aspiring rockstar cliché. Boy, how wrong I was. Instead, I ended falling in love with this book.

“When you have anxiety, you don’t feel like a normal person. You feel like an oddball, like a freak. Like you’re the only one who isn’t right in the head.” 

Amelia Frothingham

This book is about Amelia Frothingham, a woman in her early thirties. She battles anxiety everyday but she’s quite content with her single life as a beads shop owner and a beading teacher. She has lived her whole life in the small town of Creek Water and she intends on staying there forever. Until, that is, hot rockstar Huck Wiley visits her small town and rocks her world. 

I love the voices of the characters. The Southern accent is just so vivid I can actually hear it (I’m not American if you’re wondering why I’m so pumped up about this. I think this is also the first book I read that had such a clear Southern accent among the characters). Amelia’s voice though doesn’t sound like she’s in her thirties. More like early twenties. But then, according to Amelia’s teacher, everyone is basically in their twenties stuck in old bodies. 

The chemistry between the characters is so fun to see. The love-dislike (hate, I think, is too heavy for this context) relationship between Amelia and her mom is something I am very familiar with and I love how this book showed those two sides and how the mother-daughter duo navigated that. But damn, the chemistry between Amelia and Huck is just a sizzling fire of sexual tension that continued to grow throughout the book. I swear, by the middle of the book, every interaction of Amelia and Huck had me reeling. I wanted them to just throw away everything and get on with it! [spoilers] I really wanted a sex scene from them so bad. I think it would have been glorious! The two (or three?) kisses we had from them were not enough! But I love how Amelia drew the line of not going to bed with him not until she really knew that she was his and he was hers and I love how Huck respected that. We can also see the contrast of the environment they grew up in: Huck with the liberated culture of Los Angeles, and Amelia with a more conservative environment of Creek Water. It shows us how different the two are yet they fit so perfectly.

What made me fall in love with this book though was how Huck was a single father and prioritized his daughter among others. Huck made mistakes, learned and became responsible. Amelia respected that and embraced it. Amelia talked of her anxiety, her deepest fears and Huck respected that and helped Amelia conquer them. 

This book is not just the usual cheating, sex-filled, normal-life-of-fangirl-turned-upside-down-after-falling-in-love-with-a-popular-male singer/member of a boyband. It’s a story of respect, of family, of discovery, of conquering one’s fear, of acceptance. It’s about the lengths we would go for our loved ones. 

“It’s not what you have to lose that matters, Amelia. It’s what you have to gain”

Huck Wiley

Although read a bit late, thank you so much to Whitney Dineen for a wonderful first read for 2021! Definitely recommended to everyone who wants to unwind or have a short read. You’ll surely devour it in one day!

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