RECAP: The Becoming of Noah Shaw

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This will serve as a recap for the Book 1 of the Noah Shaw Confessions by Michelle Hodkins. There will be spoilers. Read with caution if you have not finished reading the book. 

  • The book starts at the funeral of Noah’s dad.
  • Noah and Mara make out in some mausoleum or somewhere far away from the funeral. 
  • Noah gets a flash of someone trying to kill themselves. They run to this part of the mansion (another mausoleum? Crypt?) and see a hanging body.
  • Noah goes back to New York with Mara and his friend Goose.
  • The three meet with Daniel, Sophie, and Jamie. They get drunk but Noah and Daniel.
  • On their way home, Noah sees a girl killing herself on the train tracks. Noah also sees the girl’s thoughts that she did not want to die. 
  • A few days after this he dreams of a boy killing himself again but he does want to die. The address of the boy appears on a bottle of pills Noah saw in his dream. He and his friends go to the address.
  • They meet Leo and Stella at the address, they were the boy’s friends. The boy who died also had a girlfriend who is missing.
  • Goose is actually an amplifier and amplifies everyone’s abilities.
  • Stella secretly sends Noah a message to meet her alone. They meet in the evening of the same day and Stella tells Noah what Mara is capable of and the scalpel she hides in her waistband.
  • Noah is kind of avoiding Mara, trying to tell what other things she hasn’t told him about. He’s curious about the scalpel.
  • Stella goes missing but Noah is sure she has not killed herself or else he would be able to see her thoughts.
  • Noah’s friends and Leo help each other to find Stella and figure out what is happening to the Gifted–what Leo calls all of them.
  • Somewhere here they find out Sophie is actually one of the Gifted and has been helping out Leo. She can detect other Gifted as well.
  • Noah dreams Felicia is in the Archives and is burning (??? Kinda confused in this part. My memory is kinda hazy here.) The Archives is destroyed. Stella is on the news as she films herself trying to kill herself.
  • Stella says Mara is killing the suicidal kids. Is making them kill themselves.
  • Noah and his friends find Stella on a bridge. Stella kept saying Mara is doing this to her but Noah is giving his girlfriend the benefit of the doubt.
  • Stella jumps. Their powers are lost for some reason. Stella is still alive and is in the hospital.
  • Noah confronts Mara and he finds her scalpel. Mara says she is the person doing it as she has a price to pay for bringing him alive again. She is willing to do anything as long as Noah is alive, and especially that his power has disappeared.
  • Noah tells Mara to leave. She leaves.
  • Noah also leaves, not sure where he would go. But when he stepped outside of his flat, he meets Mara Dyer, an older one. Most likely Mara’s grandmother? 

End of Book 1 

I apologize for any inaccuracies and if I left out some parts. Please let me know if I did. I wrote this weeks after I read the book.

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