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This will serve as the recap for the book 1 of The Scapegracers by Hannah Abigail Clarke. This will be full of spoilers. Please read with caution if you have not read the book.

  • The story starts in Jing, Yates and Daisy’s halloween party. Sideways is called as they will begin their party trick. They call another volunteer and Madeline steps forward.
  • Their party trick is halted when Yates chickens out.
  • Madeline pulls Sideways out of the party and tells her to do her magic again. Sideways shows her tricks and faints.
  • Sideways is awoken by Jing and Daisy. Jing is angry about the mess they made in her basement where random shapes (pentagrams?) just appeared.
  • They get a call from Yates and they find her in the empty pool with dead deers.
  • Yates is traumatized and recounts what happened to her friends. She met this dude and kept yelling the name Addie to her (I don’t know what happened next and how she ended up in the pool).
  • Her friends get angry and Jing asks Sideways if she can do a curse to this guy because of what he did to Yates. Sideways says yes and they do a curse spell on him. 
  • Sideways sleeps at Jing’s house for another night, promising to help them clean the basement the next day.
  • For some reason Sideways is awoken and she speaks with Yates. After Yates is asleep she ventures into the patio near the swimming pool where she sees the Chantry brothers with the dead deers.
  • The Chantry brothers abduct Sideways. They put a spell on her that stops her from speaking. They bring her to their home. Sideways calls Jing and explains briefly her kidnapping before she escapes and hurries back home.
  • The next day, Sideways is given a book by her dad. Another volume of her witch book where she can tell if she has a scepter (indicator of witch powers).
  • That afternoon, the trio visit Sideways in her home. They discover her book and find out the three of them have witch powers too. Curious of the other volumes, they go to the museum Sideways’ dad bought the book.
  • The four of them sneak in into the archives of the museum and find the volume but the books do not give access to Sideways as it is not hers. 
  • They find Yates hovering above the floor, they do not know how but they manage to put her down the floor. 
  • Someone is in the room with them and along the ruckus, a (demon) spirit latches onto Sideways.
  • After finding out they are witches, the four of them decide to make a halloween party in the woods and do a sick party trick.
  • Her friends encourage Sideways to ask Madeline out. They go out to the cafe and Madeline asks Sideways to make a sigil for her which Sideways, blinded by love, willingly does. She invites Madeline to attend the party.
  • It’s party night. The four of them start their party trick, asking for a volunteer as they didn’t see Madeline but she steps out.
  • The spell is broken as Madeline abducts Sideways. She steals her scepter and escapes into the night.
  • The demon witnessed everything. It slows down time to give the others opportunity to escape the Chantry brothers (Kind of confused what happened here).
  • They saw Levi and beat him up using the curse they made for him.
  • Sideways’ friends ask for help from the people from the museum as they are witch people. After that, they go home.
  • The demon is actually an ink of a witch book and a long time ago, its coven was destroyed (by the Chantry? Not sure). It proposes that the four of them make a coven using its power. They all agree. The demon wants to stay in a book where the coven would write their spells but for the meantime, it will stay inside Sideways as it tries to make Sideways alive by its power.

End of Book 1

I apologize for any inaccuracies and if I left out some parts. Please let me know if I did. I wrote this weeks after I read the book.

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