A Game of Wings and Marks

Rate: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Author: Rebecca Crunden
Published: 2018
Series: N/A


Thank you so much to the author, Rebecca Crunden, for providing a copy of A Game of Wings and Marks and giving me an opportunity to review her book!

Octavia sees a wounded man in the woods and she does not hesitate to help. No questions asked. Little did she know, her selfless action would cause her world to change upside down as she’s thrusted into the world of angels and demons.

‘Knowing there’s more but not knowing what. It makes life seem like a story that’s constantly being written. And if things never really stop, if there’s always something more, that’s not scary. That’s kind of cool.’

Octavia to Raphael

I’m still reeling from the ending. Mixed emotions really. Damn. When I saw angels in the synopsis, I was sold. I have a soft spot for stories about angels and demons and this did not disappoint. I’d say this was neither fast or slowly paced, just the right amount. Although it’s fantasy, there isn’t much action and if you’re looking for a fantasy filled with action, you wouldn’t find that here. The drama makes up for it though, and I am all in for good drama!

This book was both predictable and unpredictable and I think that’s what made this book entertaining. I love our trio of characters but my favorite would be Zev. I love how, all throughout the book, he sticks to his values. He knows the game, he knows what he wants and he wants to get what he wants but never in ill means. Of course, I also love Raphael and the calmness and serenity he brings to the book, a contrast to the dark, mysterious vibe that I get from Zev. However, this book is not just good and bad, angel and demon, it shows their grey areas and pronounce that clearly all throughout the book and I love that. 

Octavia, Octavia, our main character… I don’t know I don’t love her but I don’t hate her either. Her selflessness made me doubt her but as I read on, it’s really her character and her compassion and kindness and that did not go unnoticed to everyone. It took me a long time to believe her actions were free of any intention though, maybe because of the world we live in and the tons of books I read about betrayal yadda yadda. What I love about her as well is she stuck to her beliefs and values, her love for her friends and especially her brother. Oh, I’m a sucker for sibling love and this delivered well. Too bad we see less of Caleb. 

What I didn’t like though was how she handled the drama that unfolded around her. I didn’t like how she treated Zev and Raphael (I’m trying so hard not to burst like a dam with all the spoilers) especially Zev when she wanted to end things between them! Oh my god, I seethed. I was surprised Zev didn’t destroy the whole planet. I still love the relationship they have after though. I’ve always asked myself why she was chosen, what made her so special? I anticipated some birth-secret revelation but no. She was chosen because she was just being herself and nothing more and sometimes, it’s the basic thing we forget to do or have a hard time doing. Did I mention I love Zev? Yeah, I love him to bits.

I also hated how she couldn’t stand up for herself. I think the power between Healer and Watcher is dangerously tipped to the latter side and there should be something done to it. Maybe give the Healers abilities to protect themselves and everyone they love too, given the dangers of being a Healer. Make them have speed or some sort. I know it’s obvious they wouldn’t be able to be equal to their Watchers but they’re basically magically gifted Red Cross nurses (not that that’s bad but it kinda is when supernatural beings are out to kill you). I love Raphael for respecting Octavia’s wishes though, and his argument with Raziel was just… splendid! Chef’s kiss.

Lastly, I just want to mention how I was so uncomfortable with her relationship with Jax. It didn’t occupy the book much but I know he is definitely far older than her and seems to be an abuser and I don’t like how she still praises him although he seem to take care of Octavia’s ‘human’ problem well but eh, it makes me uncomfortable.

Anyway, I love the ending though. It made me scream. I wanted more. We see Octavia’s new look and I AM LOOKING FORWARD to see more of that. I just saw that this is in any series (as of this writing, who knows?) but I wish I wish there would be another one. I want to see more of the trio. I want to see Octavia to stand up for herself, stop being the damsel in distress, the one who would cower and be transferred from one hand to another like a lollipop. No girl, I want my women independent and I want Octavia to play the board like the queen she is.

This book, as I said, gave me mixed emotions. I swear this was tethering to a 2 when I was in the middle. It felt like it was going to the route of a teen drama tv show on The CW (I mean not in a bad way but I’m finding myself growing past them) but the end dropped a bomb and it changed the landscape, ending with me giving it 4 stars. I’d recommend this everyone, it’s also a short read. A good fantasy read for those who want to lay low on the action. I think readers of the Shadowhunters Chronicles would like this, although a bit different and less fleshed out. Fans of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Riverdale would like this too but less on vampires, witches, and werewolves and more on angels and demons.

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