An Offer From A Gentleman

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Author: Julia Quinn 
Published: July 1, 2001
Series: #3 of Bridgerton

In his Mother’s masquerade ball, Benedict Bridgerton fell in love at first sight. The problem is, he did not know who the woman was nor her name, and she fell off the surface of the Earth moments before the clock struck twelve. After a fruitless search for her, Benedict gave up on love. However, when one maiden comes waltzing in in his life, Benedict is torn between the nameless woman of his past and the woman of his present dreams.

The moment I read the prologue, it was very Cinderella-esque but in Bridgerton style. A cliché, most may see, but there is something in this series that just makes you turn the page. And, while the plot is of similarity to the renowned fairytale of Cinderella, and Benedict may be Prince Charming but Sophie is no Cinderella. Sophie is independent and knows who she is and what she wants. She’s brave and confident and she try, as she can in her current situation, not to let anyone bully her. 

One thing that made me annoyed though is how Benedict insists on what she wants and dismisses her reason and what she really wants. He does realize his mistake later on but before that, they had multiple arguments regarding that and it was the basis of Benedict’s whole plan to seduce her and I couldn’t help getting frustrated.

Nevertheless, this was a good read although the Benedict here is quite different from the Netflix adaptation. I don’t think Netflix Benedict would have done what book Benedict did. It does give Benedict a new look though and it’s interesting to compare. However, Netflix Benedict is more of my taste and I wonder how, if ever Netflix gets to adapt this book, they would play it out.

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