To Sir Phillip, With Love

Rate: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Author: Julia Quinn
Published: July 1, 2003
Series: #5 of Bridgerton

Eloise Bridgerton is a spinster, along with her best friend Penelope Featherington but when Penelope married ahead of her, she felt jealous and left out. She realized she wanted to be married too and in order to do so, she slips out in the middle of her sister’s ball to meet an unknown gentleman that might forever change her life.

 After the bliss that was the 4th book of this series, this book kind of disappointed me, and that’s not easy to say considering Eloise is my favorite Bridgerton sister. She’s independent, intelligent, sassy and has a lot of humor in her sleeve. She’s magnificent and she knows it and she’s not afraid to punch anyone who would say otherwise. No, it’s not Eloise but the man she married.

I do admit though that I might be biased due to how Eloise was portrayed in the Netflix adaptation but no, I think the adaptation perfectly portrayed Eloise and gave her even more. My problem lies with the man in this book. It’s obvious that her arc is a play on her notorious ironic quips but the execution fell through. Eloise deserved so much better than Phillip who saw her as nothing but his personal secretary, housekeeper, and babysitter who he can also bed at night. I know that the characters here are no saint, they acted and had thoughts that could be sometimes so one-sided but they always redeemed themselves. I couldn’t say the same for Phillip though. I can’t even feel sad for him because of what he went through. While he seemed to have some sense in him at the end, I couldn’t quite accept him to the point I would rather have Eloise be a spinster forever. But then, I would be so sad for Oliver and Amanda.

Despite that, though, I enjoyed this book very much because of Eloise! And god, I love her. Every page filled with her thoughts I devoured like a hungry madwoman who hadn’t eaten for years. She just shines in every scene whether she is alone, with children, or in a room full of men. She knows how to handle herself and everyone around her. I love Eloise so much but I just can’t rate this higher (maybe 3.5 but I don’t do decimals here) than that. 

I wonder how the adaptation would approach Eloise’s story. I feel like they would swerve around it and take her into a far different place. Perhaps she would even become a spinster, and a rich, accomplished spinster at that. I don’t know and I’m excited for it!

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