The Mythic Dream (Anthology)

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Editors: Dominik Parisien & Navah Wolfe
Authors: Seanan McGuire, Naomi Novik, Rebecca Roanhorse, JY Yang, Alyssa Wong, Indrapramit Das, Carlos Hernandez, Sarah Gailey, Ann Leckie, John Chu, Urusla Vernon, Carmen Maria Machado, Stephen Graham Jones, Arkady Martine, Amal El-Mohtar, Jeffrey Ford, and more
Published: August 27, 2019
Series: N/A

Thank you so much to Gallery/Saga Press for providing an ARC of The Mythic Dream in exchange for an honest review via Edelweiss!

“…join us as we reimagine our collective past, explore our present, and take hold of our future through the lens of classic myth.” 

Introduction by the Editors

The Mythic Dream is an anthology consisting of stories about different mythological characters and/or events that are given a modern twist.

Each story is from a different myth, each story has its own twists. Whether it be likening the world of the ancient myths to the modern world or shaping the myth to be part of a modern tale. Each story is unique and every turn of the page brings you into a wild ride. 

I admit there were stories that didn’t capture my heart but there were also stories that captured my whole being. That, I think, is the beauty of anthologies. I admit as well that when one mentions mythology, what I mostly know of is Greek Mythology with some sprinkle of Egyptian and Norse mythology (yes, from the Rick Riordan series) but the stories here also shows us the mythology of other cultures and approached in such a modern tale that one will not help but fall in love.

It’s a definitely recommended read if you love reading retellings of mythological tales. This is also perfect for those who have read Rick Riordan’s series and craves for something similar.

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