Letters to Jupiter

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Author: Lotté Jean Elliot (@lottelauv; https://lauvlotte.wordpress.com)
Published: February 16, 2021
Series: N/A

Thank you so much to the author, Lotté Jean Elliot, for providing me a free copy of her poetry collection, Letters to Jupiter, in exchange for an honest review!

Letters to Jupiter is a collection of notes written by an unknown author about pain, love and overcoming the pain inflicted by another and by the person themselves.

The voice in the notes is heartbreaking. You can hear the pain, the plea, and then later on, you can hear the relief and acceptance that moving on and being happy is possible. I love the choice of words and the comparisons, it was nothing I have seen and it evokes the emotion clearly. It makes you reach out to whoever the author is and hug them.

It’s a heart wrenching collection of beautiful poems. Definitely a recommended read. 

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