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Author: Lisa Becker

Published: August 2019

Series: N/A


Thank you so much to Lisa Becker for giving me a copy of her book Starfish via Goodreads’ Making Connections in exchange for an honest review.

Marin is an intern for a big PR company. She is expecting to be sent to Seattle to become an intern of a tech company, but she is unexpectedly sent to become a PR of an uprising rock band, King’s Quarters, during their American tour. She meets Brad, and she fights to trample down her feelings for him before it gets in the way of her work and destroys her hard work.

Starfish was a cute story. I love Marin’s personality and her relationship with Grace. We see her backstory and how she forms a bond with her half-sister Sydney, thanks to Brad. We also see Brad and a bit of him, and the band’s members. They have their own stories but it’s sad that we only see them as static characters, as if a decoy. I also love how the title was based off (on Marin’s sleeping position).

What I didn’t like about this story was that even just the first few pages we immediately talked about boobs and ass, and although it was Marin’s insecurity, every girl that appears in this book seems to have larger boobs but smaller ass than her. And every description of a girl always includes how big or plastic their assets are. Maybe except for Phoebe and Jody but I’m not sure.

This story seems to sexualize her a lot. Especially when we get to Brad’s point of view. All that dude can seem to think about is getting Marin on his bed. The guy has nice quirks and I wish we delve into that instead of his lust for Marin.

Yeah, this one’s mine.” – Brad, Chapter 2

On his first point of view, Brad already marks Marin as his own property. His obsession with Marin is alarmingly obsessive and I hate how he only sees her as a female capable of giving him sexual pleasure. There’s never a scene with him and her together where he is not aroused or/and eye-raping her. Although Marin has also her fair share of fantasies about Brad, it’s not as many and annoying and disturbing as Brad’s as she’s grounded and focused on her goals.

Here is also a list of quotes why I feel eh reading this book:

I’m a guy for God’s sake. Sex is kind of what we’re all about.” – Brad

I don’t mean to sound like an arrogant ass, but why wouldn’t she like me? I’m a pretty nice guy. I make a nice living. I’m not hideous to look at. She could do a lot worse.” – Brad

Marin—my Marin—is” – Brad

She’s asleep and falls asleep with ease. I, on the other hand, have a raging hard-on. … She’s spread-eagle across the bed and of course my mind (and dick) goes straight to all the things I want to do to her while she’s unfolded like this. – Brad

Yeah… and their sex is not even that steamy. In my opinion, it didn’t really do justice to what they said “longing” for each other. This book was also predictable. And Brad and Marin’s whole argument on the last part was awkward and cringy. Marin and Brad have chemistry but some part of it feels forced, and their whole relationship does seem rushed for the sake of “here is the main couple of the book” and lovey dovey scenes.

The writing is nice though, and gets you going to flip the pages, and it’s very well paced. I’d recommend this book to new adults looking for a light read romance who would not take everything seriously, but if you don’t like reading those lines I’ve quoted above, then I’d recommend to look for another book to read.

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